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Biokarpet Elevation Upgrade
  • Renovation and upgrade of Albio Biokarpet SA headquarters buidlings elevation.

    The carpet factory of Biokarpet S.A. was built by Balzer-Pispirikos. The first buildings of the plot for the Biokarpet S.A. were built by Balzer-Pispirikos in 1972 and after all these years many extensions were added in total area of 85.000 m2 housing production areas, storages and headquarters.

    The elevation of the building had started to fade out after many years. The insulation of the buidling needed to be enhanced, but above all was the need of the company to show to their customers that the company didn’t produce only carpets but had expanded successfully to the sector of aluminium profile production.

    The solution was a double skin elevation. In front of the existing building was attached a second elevation from structural glazing systems manufactured by Albio. The gap between the two skins where the air flows freely secures the need of insulation and ventilation.


    Biokarpet S.A.