Architecture & Design

Mixed Use Plot

Solution B for a plot in Norhtern Europe. This time we have many mixed uses. The ground floor will be parking area serving the upper floors users. The plot is

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Commercial-Housing Block

The plot is located in the center of a small city in Northern Europe, directly opposite the Central Railway Station. The proposal includes a number of buildings which consist at

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Panorama Commercial Building

New commercial building in Panorama Thessaloniki. The ground floor has two stores, first floor offices and basement with storage area. Realized  

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Electronet Extension Building

Extension building for Electronet Kazanas Store in Larisa. The client bought the plot next to the existing building and wanted a proposal in order to extented the existing building. Main

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Cars Official Reseller

Proposal for new Suzuki Dealership in Larisa. After the client bought a new area plot at the entrance of the town of Larisa, he wanted a proposal desig for a

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Suzuki Stefanou Facelift

Suzuki Stefanou Facelift Exterior renovation of Suzuki Dealership Stefanou in Larisa. Realized  

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Electronet Kazanas

New building for Electronet Kazanas. A retail shop for consumer electronics.

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Hyundai – Kia – Renault Extension

An additional buidling was build on the existing plot of the showroom and service building of Kia – Hyundai – Renault Cars Dealership A. Manolis Main Building Presentation Realized  

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