Health Care

Architecture & Design

Pediatrician Office

Total renovation of an old ground floor shop into a private pediatrician office.

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Private Clinic Stoforou

Design of an extension building of the private clinic “Oikos Galinis – Agia Anastasia – Stoforou”. Interior renovation of the existing buildings and facelift.

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Medisol-Eleftheria Private Clinic

Addition of two extension buildings and internal refurbishing of the entire building to increase capacity from 80 beds to 119 beds.

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Proposal for renovation and reorganisation of ICU in hospital in Jedah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Assisting Nature

Interior Design of a new building for a private fertility Clinic. Realized  

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Asklipios Private Clinic

Creating new hospital ward with internal refurbishing and building small additions to increase capacity from 80 beds to 180 beds.

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Private Clinic Agia Eirini

Creating new ward with internal rearrangement of the existing building to increase capacity from 148 beds to 236 beds. Realized  

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Renovation and modernization of the interior of thr Private Psychiatric Cliniv Aslipieion in Thessaloniki Realized  

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